The association “ Mordus de Chocolat” (Chocolate Lovers Association) is constituted by 40 members who passionately love chocolate.

The committee and members of the Association hold an active role in the organization of the chocolate fair. Working sessions take place periodically. The members are regularly invited to tastings and chocolate workshops.

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“All Chocolat” Dinner

That was delicious!

On December 8, 2011, members of the Association des Mordus de Chocolat attended an “all chocolate” dinner just over the French border at the Auberge de Cessy. Chef Jacques Garcin specially created a delectable meal, each making inventive use of cocoa or chocolate as a main or complementary taste element, with the chocolate intensity increasing with each of the four courses.

The evening began with a delectable foie gras roasted with cocoa, followed by skewered shrimp and scallop over a bed of chocolate polenta. The main course was a meltingly delicate beef filet served with extra-bitter Guayaquil chocolate sauce. The celebration of chocolate reached a crescendo with the three delicious chocolate desserts. This gastronomic evening brought together – and delighted – 25 participants, and served as a warm welcome for several new “Mordus”.

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